Hasznos húsvéti angol szavak - Useful Easter Words

Virágvasárnap - Palm Sunday

Nagycsütörtök - Maundy Thursday

Nagypéntek - Good Friday

Feltámadás - the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ

Húsvéti tojás - Easter eggs

Húsvéti nyuszi - Easter Rabbits

At Easter we celebrate the Resurrection

that is, the rising of Jesus Christ from his tomb three days after his crucifixion. The manner of Christ’s death and his resurrection prove to Christians that he is the Son of God.
On Easter Monday in Hungary boys visit their relatives and friends, recite a (funny) poem and sprinkle women and girls with perfume or water. They get chocolate or painted eggs and chocolate bunnies in return.

I’m waiting patiently in front of your door
I’m waiting patiently in front of your door,
Painted eggs are what I’m asking for,
They better be big and they better be red,
Or I’m taking away your daughter instead!

tomb: sír(emlék)
crucifixation: keresztrefeszítés
sprinkle: meglocsol

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